Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Bits From Tuesday's Dinner

When we were in Chamonix I picked up some Reblochon de Savoie cheese, which is supposed to be one of the great cheeses of the world. One of our favorite cheeses is a reblochon sold by this really sweet man (I need a picture of him someday) at the Morges outdoor market on Wenesdays and Saturdays. So I thought the authentic one from France would be out of this world. And...well, I guess it is in a way. It must be the smelliest cheese I've ever eaten. I can't seem to distinguish (like I can with most cheeses) between smell and taste. Pat will definitely not eat any more of it, and after tonight I'm pretty sure I'm done as well. I've eaten this cheese for three days straight thinking it would grow on me, but it hasn't. Not even a smidge. The last straw was changing Muriel's diaper after dinner tonight, and realizing it smelled exactly like the cheese I'd just eaten.

But fear not (MOM!), the reblochon will not go to waste. Rowan and Niamh both love it. Here is Niamh eating it tonight:

My three year old, who just recently gobbled down a tuna and jam sandwich for lunch, has a more refined palate than I do. But I guess that's not surprising.

On another note, Muriel got her first taste of cream of tomato soup tonight.

She did this after each bite...and still ate quite a bit of it.


  1. Oh dear! I'm very curious about the reblochon now: I've not had a cheese too strong or smelly for me yet. When I find it, I'll just make sure to stay away from diapers before and after tasting:)

  2. I'm very surprised Reblochon is supposed to be one of the great cheeses of the world: i love it but it is very smelly and particular. I prefer "Saint-Nectaire": it is a cheese from "Auvergne", do you know it?

  3. Francesca, you will have to let us know what you think when you do try it! I'm not admitting defeat quite yet, and would try it again, but perhaps after all of the children are out of diapers. haha!

    Myrtille-I do not know Saint-Nectaire, but I will be on the lookout for it now! We love trying and discovering new cheeses! Is it similar to Reblochon?

  4. It's settled: my next cheese adventure must be one of these Reblochons you keep writing about. I need to branch out of the German-Swiss cheeses and try some of the French-Swiss...