Monday, January 12, 2009

Preferred Travel Books and Map

My preferred travel books and map.
  • Streetwise Maps: First, they are laminated so the kids can't destroy them. They also fold so that they can fit in a back pocket (granted, they do stick out of the pocket.). The subway system is shown directly on the map, so you know exactly where they are going and where the stops are. This was very handy in Barcelona, where some of the stops were linked on the metro map, but in reality they were a block or two apart and separated by a long tunnel. They also have a good street index.
  • Time Out: Contains good information on history and the different neighborhoods. It also contains good information on stores as well as activities for kids. An Uncle Pat recommendation.
  • Rick Steves: Good at indicting the true highlights. Also provides walking tours that often cover a lot of the sights.

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