Thursday, January 8, 2009

Niamh Day Two

There might have been more screaming on day 2 than day 1. Both kids were on the verge of breaking down on the walk to the jardin. Unfortunately, Alyssa, the daughter of a friend, was screaming when Emily and the kids walked in. Rowan and Niamh both started crying, but Emily was able to keep them from screaming until she left.

She came back an hour later to get Niamh and it seems that Alyssa, Rowan, and Niamh may have cried the entire hour. Emily took Niamh home and Rowan stayed against his will.

When I arrived to pick him up he was walking around as Mr. T-Rex and roaring at anyone who would look at him.

We'll see what adventures today brings.

1 comment:

  1. actually, both kids were very cheerful until we walked in the door. we've been talking all morning about being brave, hopefully today goes better.