Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Niamh’s First Day at Jardin d’Enfants

Told from Emily's perspective...

It did not go well. She was cheerful during the entire walk to preschool, but when we walked in the door she fell apart. I stayed for an hour at the beginning, and even so she cried for the first fifteen minutes and then stuck to me like glue for the rest of my time there. Rowan on the other hand hated having me there and kept telling me to go home. Sheesh! Where’s the happy medium?

When it was time for me to go Niamh’s howling began again. I came back for her after one hour, and her eyes were all red and blotchy from crying. Poor thing! I gathered from the teacher it had been a hard hour. There was another hour left before it was time for the other kids to go home, so I was going to take Niamh home and have Pat pick up Rowan. But apparently Niamh’s distress had been hard on Rowan too, because when I started getting Niamh dressed to go home (shoes, coat, backpack, etc) his little lip started quivering and he told me he wanted to go home too. Hopefully tomorrow goes better. I won’t stay with her at all, but she only stays for an hour. Then on Thursday she stays for two hours. And then next Tuesday she can stay for the full three hours.

My Swiss friend, Sandra, gave me this tout naturel potion from her pharmacy in the Jura (she grew up there and her parents still live there) that she said would help Niamh be calm, not cry so much, and be more independent. She told the pharmacist all about Niamh and so they whipped it up according to her personality–2 sprays, 4 times a day. I wish it had worked. Or perhaps I shudder to think of what the morning would have been like without it!

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