Saturday, October 25, 2008

I think we might have a birth certificate by the end of the week.

Here is a history of what has been done to get Muriel a birth certificate.
  • All available documents (4 passports, 4 birth certificates, 4 residence permits, and 1 marriage certificate) were taken to the hospital
  • The hospital made copies of my passport, Emily's passport, and our marriage certificate.
  • Two days later I get a note from the canton(state) that they need a certified copy of the marriage certificate. This is very annoying as that is what the hospital made a copy from. In addition, they want copies of Niamh and Rowan's birth certificates.
  • I go to the office that I think sent me the letter.
  • I get directed to another office in another building.
  • I cannot find that office, so I have to ask a police officer for directions
  • The police officer does not speak English, but does give me good directions to the correct building.
  • I find the office and notice multiple signs that indicate that they only see individuals with appointments.
  • I go in and stand in a deserted office.
  • After a few minutes someone comes out and asks if I need help. I give her the letter that I was sent and the necessary documents. She makes photo copies and I leave.
  • A week later I get another message that the office needs to see Emily and my birth certificates because they need to know where we were born. This is frustrating, as all of this information was submitted when we applied for our residence permits.
  • I go back to the office and provide the necessary documents.
  • Less than 18 hours later I receive another message, but this one has good news. In addition to returning all of the documents I submitted, they indicated that the birth certificate is available for ordering.
  • I ordered a copy online today, but had issues paying. I couldn't figure out how to submit my credit card info, so I had to pay by account transfer.
In theory we should get a copy in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday. If that happens and I ordered the correct document, I can fill in all of the paperwork for the US government and get that sent to the consulate.

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