Friday, October 24, 2008

Expats for Obama?

Niamh and I went to a recent expat fair and there were three booths related to the US election. Two were related to the Democratic party/Obama and one was for the Republican party. The Obama related booths were very crowded and it seemed like people were tossing money down as fast as they could to buy stickers, signs and shirts. The Republican booth was not quite as busy. In fact, I didn't see anyone walk up to the booth the entire time I was at the fair.

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  1. Looking for information about election night parties in Switzerland, I tripped over your blog - great fun! We're more or less neighbors and you've brought back lots of memories of having my first baby in Morges, 20 years ago! And he's now off in Vancouver, not so far from Seattle. (not to make a sales pitch :-) but you might enjoy