Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The consulate actually called me back today. I was surprised. After getting formal approval (which required multiple passport photos) we still needed to send a few items to the consulate in San Francisco. We ran out and got more passport sized photos today and shipped them, the application fees ($44 per), and our passports to the consulate. The consulate indicated they would ship the passports and visas back on Thursday, so we should be good to go by Friday.

Next item on the agenda....organizing the house sale closure, arranging for temporary housing (Seattle and Morges), and booking tickets.


  1. i don't like your progress but i'll bare it as best i can.

    i just had a new thought this weekend.... i'll be able to go to h&m when i come visit.

  2. Hmmm, I agree with Jody; I'm not sure I would call this progress. Especially if your goal was to be in Seattle when Jodi moved up to Seattle. I guess I better brush up on my Francias after all.