Thursday, February 22, 2007

Avian Flu...should we be worried

I found his posting on interesting. It seems like this would cause chaos if the masks aren't available in time.

Protective masks, to guard against the spread of bird flu, will be available on
Swiss supermarket shelves if the country finds itself in the grip of a flu
pandemic. Migros and Co-Op both say that making sure people can buy masks
as they do their weekly shopping is part of the government’s plan if bird flu
hits the country. The masks have not as yet been ordered, from a
manufacturer in China, but the supermarkets say that should happen in the next
few months. If it is necessary to use them, people will need to change the
masks up to four times a day, meaning demand could reach the hundreds of
millions. Health experts have reiterated the need for surgical masks in
the event of a bird flu pandemic and say that those used by builders, to stop
them breathing in dust or paint fumes, would not be an effective substitute.

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