Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A healthcare change in Switzerland?

Here is some interesting news on healthcare in CH...

On March 11, the Swiss will go to the polls on an issue that is making headlines in the U.S as well, the rising cost of health care. In Switzerland, where health insurance is compulsory, voters will decide on a people’s initiative to replace the nation’s 80 health insurance providers with one unified state-run provider. Proponents of the initiative say the new system would be more transparent, less costly, and have less administrative overhead. Their proposal would base people’s premiums on their health and income levels.
Swiss government opposes the initiative, arguing that this proposal would diminish the quality of care, particularly for those who couldn’t afford extra coverage. The government contends that by eliminating insurance choices, such a system would limit competition and innovation. It is too early to tell how the Swiss people will vote, although a similar proposal was defeated in 2004. Vote results will appear on after March 11.

*Copied from Swiss embassy email

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