Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching up: Venice (sans enfants!)

While Pat's parents were here they gave us the fabulous opportunity to spend a few days away without the children. When Pat and I had first talked about doing this, months before the moving madness began, it had seemed like such a good idea. By the time the dates for this trip rolled around I felt traveled out and I was sorely regretting having planned a trip to Venice so close to our move back to the States. But because the tickets were booked and I knew I'd probably regret it later if we didn't, we went anyway. And sure enough, looking back now, I'm so glad we went.

It was hot, humid, rainy at times, crowded, and sooo touristy. But it was also beautiful, and amazing, and fun. We got to eat at restaurants, wander the city later in the evening, indulge in gelato at least three times a day (okay, that was just me. Pat was more restrained in his gelato consumption), and even took a cheezy gondola ride, which felt exactly like a Disneyland ride for grown-ups. I was actually able to read a little about the art and architecture we saw, though I still didn't fully understand or appreciate it. My photos seem a little bit empty to me without the children, but it sure was nice to take as many photos as I wanted, when I wanted, and at as leisurely a pace as I wanted.

Even though much of Venice was sadly over commercialized and overcrowded, in looking back over my photos I've realized that in the middle of all that there were still many completely enchanting corners.

Thanks so much, Ann and Mike, for watching the kids for us. I know we all had a great time!

More photos on Flickr!


  1. What a wonderful opportunity and what great grandparents!

  2. I love Venice, but I vow never to go back in July-August just because there really is too many people there.

  3. Thank you for the advice on the camera. I have been contemplating buying a book to help me. I have read a few blogs, but get lost in all the language. A video is right up my alley because I am a very visual person. If you didn't like the bacon/chocolate combination try lavender and blueberry. The aroma is so relaxing that you don't even need to eat it, but I liked this combination and I am not a big chocolate/fruit person.