Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catching up: Stop in Milan

Via train, Milan is halfway between Morges and Venice, so on the way home Pat and I made a very quick stop there before heading on to Morges. Tickets to see the Last Supper were all sold out and it was quite rainy, so we just went to the cathedral and then to Peck for some cheese (burrata--yum!) and miscellaneous other treats. The inside of the cathedral felt very dreary and grim to me, though perhaps that was partly due to the weather? But the top of the cathedral was amazing, and we had a lot of fun wandering around up there.

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  1. Tickets to see the Last Supper are all sold out until November. I am still going to try and see if we can get in on a cancelation when we go in September. I guess the Da Vinci code has made it so popular and they only let in a 100 people in an hour.