Thursday, March 25, 2010

iPhone Prints

I just received prints of several of my iPhone photos in the mail. I used Mpix, and most of the photos turned out beautifully. Really, I still can't believe how nice some of them look printed. There were a few that didn't work so well, but by and large they were great. One problem I've run into is the odd size of some of the photos when run through different apps. I think that should be easily remedied though if I can just figure out how to use Photoshop Elements to put the odd sizes on a white canvas for printing. The largest size I printed at was 8x8, which looked so nice that next time I'm going to see if I can go even a size larger and still get good quality.


  1. WOW! I am super impressed. Such fantastic quality.

  2. so very nice.
    I'm an mpix user as well; they've also been great with little fundraising photo projects i've done at the school.

    Have a great weekend!

    PS. spotted those chocolate beadles in your photo last week & am shipping them to neices today. cute.

  3. Emily, I am so behind on your blog! I love to check in and for some reason haven't for a while. ={ These prints looks really great! Did you say you use photoshop for the editing? Or was there any other kind of app/editing you used?