Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to Where it all Began

Things are finally certain enough that we can formally announce our upcoming move to Colorado, where Pat and I met when he was 20 and I was 17. Seems like ages ago! We will probably be moving in July. Perhaps a bit before, but not any later.

We are very sad not to be returning to Seattle, but glad that at least we'll be in Loveland where we already have good friends. This photo was taken on our last intentional visit to Colorado in 2005 (we accidentally ended up staying one night when returning to Seattle from a Switzerland preview trip and we missed a connecting flight in Denver). A lot has changed--John and Jen have another child, we have two more children, and my sister Amanda (not in the photo. I think she was at school in Tennessee?) and brother-in-law Mike have sadly moved to Oregon.

Rowan is very excited to be living at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains. A while back my mom gave us two books about the Rocky Mountains, Trails Above the Treeline and Who Pooped in the Park. We have been reading them both a lot lately, and Ro is eagerly anticipating all the animals he will see. Yesterday he pointed out to me a dinosaur in a different book that has a dew claw just like! some of the animals he's been reading about in the Rocky Mountain books.


  1. Happy - that you know.
    Happy - that you're not moving to Singapore.
    Happy - that you're closer
    A little bit sad - that you won't be in CA.
    Happy - that you're happy.

  2. Emily, that's exciting: dinosaurs and home! I'm very happy for you!

  3. Woohoo! Wish it was closer, like Seattle or Portland, but I'll take Colorado. Hopefully that will mean we'll see you guys a lot more than once every few years. And on the bright side, you can play Kart with us and you are only an hour ahead!

  4. oh, katie, thank you! wish we were in OR or WA too, mike.

  5. We're excited to have you back here. Colorado Colorado has been a bit dull since you left.

  6. Just catching up on your blog....must feel good to finally have an answer about where you are headed next! I love Colorado, especially in the summer. When is the big move happening?