Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick Weekend

The weekend before last was not only rainy, I was also sick with strep throat and out of commission for most of the time. That winning combination called for a diversion a little more special than the normal in these situations (TV--not that there wasn't plenty of that too).

First up were these super cool wax-o-glas crayons by Lyra. I picked them up a couple of months ago and had been saving for an appropriately desperate occasion. They wipe off the window very easily, and the kids loved them. The only problem we had with them is that they are a bit too soft, and most of them are now broken, after only being used two times.

After the novelty of drawing on the windows had worn off I pulled out a couple of new toys that I had stashed away. Rowan loved his train conductor set and spent the whole afternoon playing with it, as well as the next day. One of his favorite parts was writing the names of cities onto the blank tickets that came with the set.

And here is Niamh with her new toy--a magnetic dress up doll. But that turned out to be a bust, as all she wanted to do after five minutes with it was to play with Rowan's conductor set.


  1. Poor magnetic dress up doll! Well, there's still one recipient to try it out with! Hope you're all well and healthy now.

  2. They make markers as well...let me know if you want me to send some...

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. It's always so hard when Mama is sick. But I love that conductor outfit...way too adorable!

  4. Stashing away toys for desperate situations--what a great idea, Emily :) I'm taking notes!! :)