Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

Just a few more photos from Halloween!

Our third baby to wear Grammie Krista's pumpkin hat

festive tattoos and tasty (if not pretty--my black marshmallows turned out brown) treats

the best shot I could get of all three kids

The kids were so excited to go spend Halloween with our neighbors, the Elkos. Rowan especially was thrilled that both he and Sam were knights. Niamh was too shy to leave my side so I couldn't get her in the photo.


After trick-or-treating with the Elkos they came over for more sugar (can you have too much on Halloween?) and to watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This was definitely the best Halloween we've had here in Switzerland!

Once again I was thankful that Niamh's egg allergy is not life threatening because I completely forgot to tell her the veggie dip I'd set out on the table after trick-or-treating had egg in it. A combination of chaos, and not thinking she'd actually touch anything resembling a vegetable. So the poor thing ended her night on a sour note with some throwing up and going to bed before the festivities were over. Another mark for me in the negligent mother category. The good news is that I think the allergy is becoming less severe, as she only threw up once (as opposed to the normal 3-4 times) and she didn't get any hives.


  1. What an adorable hat! Looks like everyone had a good time. So funny we have the same glass pumpkin in our house that we fill with candy corn.

  2. I'm glad Niamh didn't get too sick. The kids look awfully cute in their costumes! Sounds like a great Halloween!

  3. I love the family halloween hat! You were probably a little overwhelmed, and certainly not negligent. And, there are some good news: a) Niamh had a veggie dip, b) she didn't get too bad a reaction!

  4. Such a sweet hat and little one : )
    It sounds like a fun night!
    I am glad Niamh was not too sick...