Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Germany: The first few days

More details and photos will come later, but here is an overview of our first few days.
  • Muriel is much happy in the car seat after adjusting the car seat straps to account for her not being a newborn
  • Leaving the camera battery charger at home is a bad idea, especially if the batter wasn't full when you leave the house
  • Muriel likes McDonald's french fries
  • German hospitals are efficient
  • German medical bills are lower than anticipated
  • 2 adults and 3 kids are a tight squeeze into our 2 bedroom mobile home
  • Emily, and maybe I, disagree with Rick Steves on the best castle in Europe
  • It can be very cold in the mornings
  • Swiss hot chocolate is better than German hot chocolate.
  • Germans make excellent sausage.
  • Paying for washing and drying machines is a good way to use up 5 trips worth of smal coins.


  1. Oh.My. Well, can't wait to hear the deets on the first few days and see what the next few days bring. Missing you guys.

  2. I do hope you didn't have any serious reason to test out German hospitals efficiency and bills!