Saturday, October 24, 2009

Germany Day Two

(Porta Nigra in Trier)

On Saturday we discovered that Niamh had a cut that looked infected and we decided she should see a doctor. The doctors' offices in Saarburg, and perhaps across Germany, are closed on Saturdays, so we took her to the hospital. It took a bit of work to find the correct area, as we were told to go to "F", but we weren't exactly sure how to get there.
Things went fairly smoothly after we found the right area. Both the receptionist and doctor spoke perfect English, which was a pleasent surprise. Niamh howled the entire time, but Muriel and Rowan played with the toys in the waiting area without making as much as a squeek. Niamh was given a prescription, we paid the bill, and went off to find a pharmacy. The hospital bill was only €42, which seemed inexpensive for an urgent care visit. The bad news was the Niamh wasn't supposed to go in the pool and that had been one of the things she was most excited about. The pharmacies are open until 1PM on Saturdays, so we didn't have any issues filling the prescription.

Once we got the medical issues taken care of we headed to Trier. It was cold and wet, so we decided to head back to the campground for the day. More info on Trier to come.

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