Thursday, May 28, 2009

sticker mania!

Migros is the grocery store which is closest to our apartment, and thus the most frequented. Right now they are running a promotion called sticker mania where for every 20 CHF you spend you get a pack of five stickers to put in a book about tropical rainforests (you have to buy the book for 5 CHF).

Often the free things you get when you buy something else (cereal boxes, happy meals, etc) are junk, but it's a surprisingly interesting book and the kids are having fun with it.

Likewise, the free items with the promotion they ran last year were not of the variety that go straight into the trash. Last summer it was Billes Mania, and we collected all these marbles. I'm not sure what exactly you're supposed to do with them as last year the kids were too little to play marbles and this year I don't want them rolling around for Muriel to choke on (she's getting into everything!).

I don't remember there being a promotion during our first summer here, but I was kind of overwhelmed, so it's likely I just missed it.

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