Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Muriel is Channeling Michael Jordan

...kind of.

Muriel's tongue is very often out and to the left lately. I mentioned this to Pat and he said "Just like Michael Jordan." (though I don't think Michael Jordan always sticks his out on the left side of his mouth like Muriel does) When I looked at Pat blankly he made some sort of disparaging remark about the rock I live under. I thought this was a little unnecessary given that I could care less about basketball and didn't know any basketball fans growing up. But a quick google search confirmed that this is indeed a fairly famous quirk of Michael Jordan's...I even saw a picture of John McCain sticking his tongue out with the caption "John 'Jordan' McCain". Hopefully no one will tell me John McCain is famous for this too...


  1. Adorable and cute photos.
    PS what rock do you live under:)?

  2. The fact you made a basketball reference should be impressive nonetheless, especially the fact that you know Michael Jordan sticks his tongue out and Amanda would barely know who Michael Jordan is! I'm impressed!