Friday, May 9, 2008

Child #3

We - or should I say Emily - had an ultrasound yesterday. Her doctor had been doing ultrasounds in her office, but referred her to another doctor due to a concern about Downs Syndrome. The good news is that yesterday the doctor indicated that there is not an elevated risk. The other news is that the child will be a girl.

Please send your suggestions for names. Be sure to indicate how to pronounce the name, as I assume there might be a few silent letters.

Just to be clear...any adoption plans are currently on hold.

Ultrasound pictures are available upon request, but the pictures are more or less identical to every other 16 week ultrasound.


  1. i heard the name soren the other day and i really liked it. i'm not sure if that's how you spell it but it's pronounced soar- "n" like the letter.


    A nerdy cool tool. You've probably seen it before as it was around from '06.

  3. Very happy about the baby news!

    FYI: it is Down not Downs Syndrome...sorry but you understand my sensitivity.