Sunday, January 27, 2008

What happened to the snow?

We headed to the nearby mountains looking for snow today. We found some, but it was nothing like two weeks ago. It is hard to believe that all the snow could melt in two weeks in January. We go to the pass and found a little snow, but there was barely enough to play with. Rowan and Niamh seemed to be satisfied with the limited snow, but there wasn't even enough for us to use our sled. Maybe we will get lucky and it will snow a few feet this week.

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  1. Hey Pat! When we took the Golden Pass train and stayed in Lautenbrunnen I was actually surprised how little snow there was, too! And on the last morning we were there it was actually raining in Lautenbrunnen (so I'm sure it was snowing further up the mountains) so they probably had even less snow! Global warming perhaps???