Monday, January 21, 2008

Swiss School System

I was recently asked about the Swiss school system. I'll try to cover the highlights.
  • academic year begins in late August and ends in early July
  • there are a total of 7-8 weeks of vacation during the school year
  • No summer school
  • Being held back is not nearly as big a deal in Switzerland as it is in the US
  • children come home for lunch for about 2 hours
  • at about age 11 children are placed into either a technical track or academic track
  • No school on Wednesday afternoons
  • Mandatory from grades 1-9
  • limited, if any, formal parent teach conference system

Ecole enfantine

  • lasts 2 years and if for ages 4 and 5.
  • must be 4 by June 30th to attend that fall
  • similar to US kindergarten

Ecole premaire

  • grades 1-4
  • same teacher for two years and then another teacher for the next two years

Secondary education

  • students placed into different groups (vocational, general, prégymnasiale) based on test results
  • different teachers for different subjects

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