Saturday, May 12, 2007

A train ride without screaming

We took the train into Lausanne today in search of our favorite things (book store, toy store, and chocolate store) and Rowan didn't cry at all. We weren't at the station very long, so we didn't see any trains 'woosh' by without stopping. In the past it didn't matter if trains went by or not, there has always been lots of screaming.

We found two books stores. FNC (cannot find link) is more of an electronics store with a portion dedicated to books, while Payot ( only has books. Payot has a much better English language selection than FNC. Both are about an eight minute walk from the Lausanne train station.

We also found the toy store and the chocolate store, but didn't go in. The toy store is too croweded for a stroller and the chocolate store didn't have what Emily was looking for. She must have been looking for some big pieces, as she could tell from outside that the store didn't have what she wanted.

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