Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good Customer Service

Yesterday morning we had to get two prescriptions for Niamh. One of the prescriptions was for a Benadryl like drug and I'm not sure exactly what the other is. We also wanteded to give Niamh some pain killer to help her sleep since she has at least one tooth coming in. We weren't sure if we could give her Motrin or Tylenol so I went back to the pharmacy to ask about it. Since they don't sell either Motrin or Tylenol, I asked if there were any issues with taking the prescribed drugs and a local child's pain killer.

The person at the pharmacy spoke very little English, but I was able to figure out that Niamh should be able to have the pain killer in addition to her prescriptions. Later that evening I got a call from the pharmacy from someone with excellent English skils who wanted to make sure my questions were answered. I was fairly impressed that they called.

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