Friday, March 23, 2007

Trains, Buses, and bedside lamps

I purchased my first Swiss train set today. It is a Marklin HO set with two trains. The nice thing about Marklin trains is that they use a 3 rail system similar to Lionel's O guage. Rowan hasn't seent yet, but Niamh and I enjoyed watching the trains go in circles. Emily thinks we are crazy.

Emily and Rowan took a bus ride to a play group today. They bus system is fairly easy to use. To buy a ticket you look at a list of the possible stops and see how many zones you need to pass through and then you press the corresponding number. The price shows on a little screen, you input the necessary coins, and a ticket is printed. Emily and Rowan both had fun at the play group and will probably go back. It was mostly families from the UK, but there was one other American family there.

Niamh either touched or grabbed the lamp by the bed today and isn't very happy about it. It seems to be a fairly good 1st degree burn. It wouldn't be too bad, but it is the hand that she always sucks on. Sucking on the hand apperently hurts, as there has been a lot of crying this evening.

Remember: spell check is now in German, so expect spelling errors!

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