Wednesday, January 3, 2007

House Inspection and Appraisals

Today was our house inspection. It took about an hour and there are four key issues.

1. Gutters aren't clean. This should be easy to fix once the wind stops filling them up.
2. Moss on the house roof. It is a good thing the inspector came after I removed 90% of the moss from the roof. He suggested I put powdered Tide on the moss and wait a week.
3. The garage roof. We listed this as an issue when we bought the house and it hasn't gotten any better. The good news is that it isn't attached to the house and is considered an 'out building.'
4. The retaining walls. This could be a real problem. The big was was bad when we bought the house, but was covered by multiple pickup truck loads of ivy and was unnoticed. I'm blaming this on Emily because retaining wall problems seem to run in her side of the family.

Both appraisals happen this weekend, so it will be a busy weekend. Una is bringing her new parents (The Winchells) up to help for the weekend. I should get an update on my work permit\visa first thing Thursday morning so we can determine when we are doing the pack and load.

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