Sunday, December 10, 2006

We Made It!

We successfully arrived in Morges after a mere 18.5 hours in transit.

2 hours at Sea-Tac
9 hours flying between Sea-Tac and Copenhagen
4 hours in Copenhagen
1.5 hours flying between Copenhagen and Geneva
1 hour at the Geneva airport\train station
.75 hours on the train to Morges
.25 hours walking to our hotel

We each had a seat this trip, so we weren't able to get the infant basenet for Niamh. We got lucky and had an empty seat next to me, so we had the entire center section to ourselves. It took Niamh a few hours to get used to it, but she finally stretched out across two seats and slept for a few hours. She almost rolled off the seat multiple times, so I didn't get too much sleep.

The international (N0n EU) portion of the Copenhagen airport has nothing in it, so we cleared customs and wandered around the rest of the airport. We now all have entry and exit stamps for Denmark. The most interesting thing about the Copenhagen airport was boarding the plane to Geneva. We had to go down an escalator to the ramp and there was a bottleneck at the bottom of the escalator. People were getting crushed into each other. No injuries, but a little bit of panic.

We flew SAS the entire way and they requre that infants be buckled to a parent for take off, landing, and turbulance. It works ok, but it is kind of annoying to have to wake a sleeping baby to strap them in. We didn't have to do that on Alaska, United, or Lufthansia.

Our hotel is very nice for the price. We have basically have a loft aparment. It has two bathrooms, sleeps four, and a full (stove, sink, refridgerator, dish washer) kitchen.

Tomorrow I go to work to meet with the Swiss HR and the Swiss tax consultants. I think Em and Niamh are going to explore Morges.

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