Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We have an apartment -->I think

We spent Tuesday looking at 8 residences. Only two really made a favorable impression on us. the first was a converted farmhouse out in the country. It had 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, a separate fondue cooking room, 2 separate fondue eating rooms, a special sherry drinking room, a nice lawn, and a bbq. It was at the high end of our budget. We also saw an apartment that was in Morges. Photos will be posted when we're back in the US.

Today, Wednesday, we looked at more apartments in Morges. Most of them are in the same complex that we liked that last time we were here. We decided on a 4 bedroom apartment (same size as 3 bedroom-just with smaller rooms). It is less than a five minute walk to the lake, grocery store, train station, model train store, movie theater, parks, and the office. It has a huge balcony that wraps around 2 sides of the apartment. At least 2 and maybe 3 bedrooms have doors that open to the balcony.

It comes with covered parking and a washer\dryer unit. We didn't take any photos of the inside, but pictures of the balcony will be available on our website when we get home.

The apartment agent has a hold on the apartment for us. The company will need to sign the lease as we cannot do it until we have all the necessary paperwork (visa, work permit) completed, which won't happen until sometime in January.

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