Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Niamh's Pistol

The kids made lego pistols today. Niamh's can be seen below. The picture was taken prior to adding the trigger guard, but after adding the pilot.


  1. She better be careful her in the states. We have gotten out of control. When my son was in kindergarten he made a gun out of manipulatives. I got a phone call from the teacher saying that is was not allowed and that I needed to talk to my son because they had a zero tolerance policy. I told her she had to be kidding that it is completely normal for children to make guns out of everything. Just ask any pshycologist. What is the world coming too. I like how in Europe they don't get bent out of shape over every little thing. Do you guys have any trips planned before you head back to the states next month?

  2. @likeschocolate - We have three trips planned before we head back to the states.
    1. Emily is currently in Paris with her sister.
    2. We are headed to Zermatt on Saturday with my parents and the older two children
    3. Emily and I are going to Venice on Sunday for 3 days while the kids stay with my parents.