Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

My mobile phone started ringing at 3:30, but I was on conference call and could not answer. It rang a few more times before I was finished with the conference call at 3:40. I call Emily back and hear "The beef is disgusting. Go to Migro and get some sort of beef." This is not what I wanted to hear 2 hours before our dinner guests arrive.
When I get to Migro I start thinking to myself "how do I know that what I get will be different then what Emily got?" I review the options, pick one, and head home. I get home to Emily reviewing options with her mother via Skype and there is a rather unattractive pile of beef on the counter. In order to get dinner done on time, Emily is using the pressure cooker to get the stew done quickly. The stress level was a bit high until everything was in the pot, but reduced quickly once everything was cooking. The guinness beef stew turned out great - we'll have to try it again with the correct meat from the beginning.
The photo below was taken right before dinner. We invited the Elkos over, so there were six kids - it was a lively dinner.
L-->R: Rowan, Ben, Jennifer, Ben, Niamh, Zoe, Muriel, Patrick
Missing: Emily (photographer), Dan (Business trip)
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