Sunday, November 30, 2008

EasyJet: Maybe not a budget carrier after all

I have heard that EasyJet is a low cost airline and should at least be considered when traveling via plane in Europe. We recently booked tickets to Barcelona and I have to say EasyJet was a bit of a disappointment.

I ended up booking the tickets on Swiss for the following reasons (In order of importance):
  • EasyJet was 13% more
  • EasyJet doesn't offer seat assignments. We could pay an extra 115 CHF to be in the first group of people racing onto the plane, but that makes EasyJet even less competitive on price.
  • EasyJet would be even more expensive if I wanted to check more than three bags (something I hope to avoid, but 3 kids might equal more than thee bags.)
  • Frequent flier miles are earned on Swiss
  • Thanks to Swiss being part of the Star Alliance we can check in with business class. Not having to wait in line is always a plus when traveling with the 4 and under crowd.

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