Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall Break

Rowan is on fall break until October 22nd. His preschool follows the same schedule as the Vaud school system, so he is preschool free for two weeks.

In other Morges news, they have started planting the bulbs for the tulip festival. Come in mid April if you want to see lots of tulips. Along those same lines, I just heard that tickets from Oregon to Geneva for the Feb and March time frame were$640 round trip including taxes.

The local grapes are being picked this week. I just discovered that we live a block away from the Morges commune wine processing center. The tractors are hauling the grapes down our street. Right now it is mostly green grapes, but I have seen a couple trailers full of red grapes.

The weekend of the 12th is the local train show. I think I'll head down on Saturday morning and then take Rowan in the afternoon. I'll have to practice my French so I know what I'm buying.

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